Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Look Back: County Fair Kicks, June 2009

I took these photos of kids' sneakers at the State Fair in St. Cloud, a sort of rural area in central Florida near Orlando, in June 2009. I rediscovered them on my old blog and wanted to post them here. I could have gone around all night long taking photos like these, there were so many kids and so many fun sneakers. The fair seemed like the "place to be" and that just about every tween and teen in town was hanging out with their posses.

In terms of fashion, what I noticed was that the "cool" kids often had on bright, colorful sneakers, sometimes patterned and with colorful laces, and often paired with skinny jeans. And they were totally into being photographed for my blog, which was great. Since this was literally two years ago, I think it'd be cool to go back to the same place and see how fashions have changed or stayed the same.

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