Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's in a name? Welcome to Anthropologizing

"What's in a name?" Image via these people

I've finally found a name I like!

Since getting back into blogging a few weeks ago, I've been wanting to change the name of the place my posts call home. I wasn't happy with the former "Cultural Moments" because I didn't feel it encompassed the true nature of what I'm trying to accomplish here - that is, a place where I can post my thoughts on everything from general research and the consumer experience to culture, social issues and current events, all from my perspective as a practicing anthropologist.

So I chose a very plain and simple "Amy's Blog" as a temporary placeholder until I found something better. And I have, after many months of thinking about it. While discussing my quandary with my boyfriend, I recalled this one time I was in a bar in Memphis, TN. I was talking to a friend of a friend, some guy I had never met before, about what I was studying in school. It piqued his interest when I told him I was (or was about to officially become, after graduating) an anthropologist. The next words that came out of his drunkenly excited mouth were:
"Wow! So, can you, like, anthropologize me?!"
Unless they have an idea, people usually (and often sheepishly) admit that they don't know what anthropology is, or if they think they do, they respond with a question such as "Oh, so you dig up bones?" (or some variation involving bugs, dinosaurs, etc.). But no! This was a new one for sure. I sensed that he figured I was some sort of mix between a psychologist and a fortune teller. I could have had some fun with him, but I was (am!) fairly serious about the discipline from which I was about to receive my advanced degree, so I explained that I wouldn't be that simple and took our conversation in a different direction.

Recalling this story gave us a nice laugh. Better yet, it gave Isaac the idea of suggesting that I use the word "Anthropologize" in the title of my blog. I feel that "Anthropologizing" really fits with the open-ended, "mixed bag" approach of this blog, while making it clear that it's going to have something to do with anthropology. I really just comes down to thinking about what's going on in the world through an anthropological lens. Problem solved, thanks to some good old fashioned conversational brainstorming.

Welcome to Anthropologizing.

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