Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Exotic Anthropologist: Reflections on Working in Corporatelandia (abstract submitted for 2013 SfAA annual meeting)

Image via SfAA website

Here is the abstract I submitted for the annual Society for Applied Anthropology meeting that will take place in March of 2013 in Denver, CO. I'm excited about it because I haven't been to a conference since the SfAAs in 2011 (in Seattle). It was also fun to get back into the groove of writing an abstract that both makes the topic sound interesting (at least I hope!) and does so within the 100-word limit (including title).  :D

The Exotic Anthropologist: Reflections on Working in Corporatelandia

Anthropologists and anthropology students spend a lot of time discussing (and criticizing) corporations and how they affect the world around us. But not everyone knows what it is actually like to work in one - not just as a person, but also as an anthropologist. This paper will explore my time working as a consumer research analyst and token anthropologist at a large insurance company in the Midwest. Themes of identity, power, exoticism, corporate culture, disciplinary advocacy, and perceptions of anthropology and anthropologists in a corporate context will be reflected upon.

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